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Project Results

Due to the integrated research approach the project Fleets Go Green establishes the necessary transparency for the exploitation of the ecological potentials of electric vehicles for fleet operations in everyday life. The analysis of the vehicle, user, and (energy supply) network behavior lead to following results:


  • Module 1: Procurement and operation of 30 electric vehicles including the supply with measuring equipment; development of coupled thermal, electrical and mechanical component and vehicle simulation models for various types of electric vehicles; collection of a broad data base for all project participants to answer questions regarding the real vehicle behavior and energy consumption


  • Module 2: Insights on the acceptance and use of electric vehicles in corporate fleets, collection of empirical data on the acceptance and preference factors, as well as incentive mechanisms for the adoption of electromobile offers to implement a market- and ecologically-oriented operation of fleets.


  • Module 3: Analysis of the repercussions of different fleet types on the electricity network, proven innovative concepts and procedures for reducing the repercussions and for the coupling of electric mobility to renewable energy sources; insights for the planning of the charging and energy infrastructure as well as the control of the charging processes of electric vehicle fleets.


  • Module 4: Development of various material flow models of the fleet operation, comprehensive life cycle assessments for different fleets; evaluation of the project on ecological aspects; saving of more than 20% greenhouse gas emissions compared to the use of conventional gasoline vehicles.


  • Module 5: Generic simulation-based decision support for an ecologically oriented fleet management; validation of the model-based results of all modules; recommendations for fleet operators, car manufacturers and policy-makers.

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